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Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

Basnight Land and Lawn professional grounds maintenance teams attend to every detail. Working from specially designed and fully equipped service trucks, we bring all the necessary tools to complete the job in one visit. Everything needed to provide mowing, edging, pruning, blowing, debris and trash removal, to plant replacement is on our truck. Our service trucks even carry the tools and parts to make repairs on site to prevent delay should equipment fail. Spring, summer, fall and winter, Basnight Land and Lawns professional 5-member crews provide dependable, timely, quality service to assure outdoor beauty is maintained year-round. Storm clean-up and snow removal are also offered.

Are you interested in our Commercial Grounds Maintenance? You can make your way over to our commercial page HERE 

Professional Grounds Maintenance Services

 commercial grounds maintenance

Your grounds say a lot about your business. Through our help, commercial grounds maintenance will be one less of a headache on your to-do list.

Commercial lawns that give an excellent impression
Our grounds maintenance team only has one goal: to make your land and lawn aesthetic in the eyes of your customers. Your grounds are the first spots that every client/customer will see. If it’s not well-kept, you’re building an ugly image even before a person avails or experiences what you have to offer.

Complete grounds maintenance solutions
With Basnight Land & Lawn, you no longer have to call another grounds contractor. We take pride in our complete solution, from lawn care to massive weed control. Our experts have years of experience to transform your dull commercial grounds to a dapper place.

Our services
Wondering what we have to offer? Here are some of our most sought-after commercial lawn services:

*Mowing and weed control

*Hedge and shrub maintenance

*Tree surgery

*Rubbish removal

*Landscaping and planting

*Long-term and regular grounds maintenance

*Control of hard surfaces

Call Basnight Land and Lawn now!
If you need reliable grounds maintenance, Basnight Land & Lawn is the contractor to call. We have a full range of services, state-of-the-art equipment, and licensed team to take on the job. You just gave to call us, sit back, and watch as we transform your rugged grounds to a place worthy of your business.

Regardless of the season, we are always on-call. Our 5-member crews will handle the maintenance and ensure that your grounds look good all year round.

commercial lawn services

Grounds Maintenance: Proper Lawn Care for a Lush Green Lawn

lush green lawn

After getting your dream landscape design, you must maintain its beauty. This can be challenging, but you can always rely on the help of a grounds maintenance company. We provide a wide range of commercial grounds maintenance services for your convenience.

Don’t let your busy schedule stop you from maintaining your property’s lawn. From private resorts to large hotels, Basnight Land and Lawn is here to help you out. Request an appointment from us and let’s start maintaining your commercial grounds.

When it comes to businesses, the surrounding landscape says a lot about its image. If it's unkempt and overgrown, your business will have a poor reputation with your clients.

One-stop ground maintenance provider

We will handle the dirty work of keeping your grounds free from dirt, rubbish, and overgrown weeds. No matter how large your place is, we have the right tools and skills to get the job done.

Our team will also provide pressure washing, erosion control, pest control, and other complementary services. With us, you only have to call one company and have peace of mind that your commercial grounds are in good hands.

If you have special requests, just let us know and we will provide it for you. Our landscapists and grounds experts are flexible and will always go the extra mile. We will tailor-fit our service based on your grounds' needs. Also, we are willing to meet your budget with a customized package.

We will keep the beauty of your lawn and grounds at a very competitive price. “I’m looking for commercial grounds maintenance near me!” If so, call Basnight Land & Lawn now!

ground maintenance provider

Why Should You Hire a Grounds Maintenance Company in Chesapeake, VA?

professional landscapists

1. Enjoy the expertise of professionals

A commercial grounds maintenance service has professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable about a wide range of different landscapes. They can maintain your grounds properly and supply the necessary materials, plants, and complementary items to beautify your property. Also, professional landscapists can remove fungus and other parasites living in your grounds.

2. Save time and money

Instead of maintaining your own grounds, you can outsource it to a commercial grounds maintenance company for a small fee. This saves you money and the need to procure various equipment for the job. For a low cost, we will bring mowers, trimmers, blowers, and more together with our manpower. You just sit back and watch as we transform your grounds.

3. Boost the appeal of your property

With the help of a commercial grounds maintenance company, you can now increase the appeal of your commercial space. It’s not enough that your building looks dazzling; the areas surrounding it should also look spectacular. Remember that your grounds are the first thing that visitors and clients will see.

4. Guarantee continual ground maintenance 

Many businesses don’t have the time and resources to keep their grounds in good shape. In this case, you can enlist our help, and we will provide creative landscaping solutions for a competitive cost. We operate locally, so rest assured that your grounds will be maintained and checked regularly.

What to Consider When Hiring Professionals?

When hiring grounds maintenance professionals, you should always ask for their certification, experience, and equipment. You can also inquire about their previous clients to ensure that they can satisfy the needs of your grounds.

Professional Grounds Maintenance Services
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