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Basnight Land & Lawn is known for its attention to detail. Kent Basnight, President and CEO, has set forth the highest standards in the outdoor contracting industry. He has also hired professionals who share his same passion for these standards. Mr. Basnight is proud to provide quality, professional service and makes two-way communication with our customers a priority.

Our company is known for standing behind our work. If a job has not met the standards of quality set by Basnight Land and Lawn and the customer, Basnight Land and Lawn will make it right.

The Staff at Basnight Land and Lawn have an deep understanding of the details that are important for an attractive property, as well as listening to exactly what the property manager or homeowner needs are. We take pride in pleasing our customers and developing long-term relationships. We are always looking for ways to improve a property.

We want our customers to be proud of every detail of their property. That takes much more than just maintaining healthy grass and eliminating the weeds. We look forward to showing you how Basnight Land and Lawn can improve your property and your environment.

"Whatever it takes, we will do it right."

Kent Basnight

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