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Why Us

Why Basnight is the Best Choice Outdoor Landscaper

Professional Certifications

•Licensed Virginia Class A Contractor

•7 Virginia Certified Horticulturalists

•Certified Landscape Designer

•Master Gardener

•5 Certified Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Installers

•Commercial Applicators

•Registered Technicians

•Certified Aquascape Contractor and Installers


•Satisfied customers since 1985

•60 Years experience on design team

•15 Years experience in water garden design and installation

•20 Years outdoor lighting design and installation

•Award-winning designers

•15 years custom carpentry

•Education to maintain certifications and learn newest industry techniques

Benefits of Basnight's Larger Size, Full Service Capability

•We offer financing through Site One

•We are only full service design-build landscape company that can handle a project of any size from initial land planning and detail design, to installation and maintenance of all aspects of landscaping

•Turf and Ornamental Division specializes in customized treatment based on identified needs

•Strong supplier relationships due to large purchase quantities resulting in better pricing for customers

•Fully-equipped 5 member crews complete jobs in minimum time

•Offer best selection of products by working with multiple suppliers

•Snow removal offered in commercial maintenance contracts


•1 Year Workmanship and 2 Years Parts Warranty on all installed irrigation systems

•1 Year Warranty on workmanship and installed plant material

•2 Year Warranty on all Aquascape pumps for water gardening

•45 Mil EPDM liner used in garden ponds, 40 year life expectancy

•10 Year Warranty against corrosion on all powder coat, natural metal finishes and all composite lighting fixtures and enclosures

•3 Year Warranty on electrical and mechanical internal components of lighting fixtures to be free from defects in material and workmanship

•2 Year Warranty on Metallic Ballast enclosures and their electrical parts

•Lifetime Warranty on all lighting transformers

More Reasons Basnight is the Best Choice Outdoor Contractor

•Thorough soil preparation of beds, including addition of compost, peat moss and perlite

•Professionally prepared on-site estimates

•Drainage solutions for existing or anticipated problems

•Paver work installed to ICPI standards with 4-6 inches crush, and run for pedestrian applications and 6-8 inches for vehicular traffic with 95% compaction

•Public utilities marked prior to job installation

•Permits obtained as required for jobs

•Use only #1-rated Aquascape water products

•Maintenance contracts include bed re-establishment, de-mulching and re-mulching for healthy plants and best look

•Customers can visually select landscape materials if desired from sister company and supplier Tidewater Mulch & Material

•Award-winning plant designs with varied annuals and perennials

•For irrigation

•Most experienced 2-wire irrigation system contractors

•Use stronger PVC for all main and lateral lines, poly only for heads

•Test for proper GPH and PSI prior to installation

•Spring start up and winterization with complete inspection, testing and maintenance as needed

•Use of Rubber Track skid steers and excavators to traverse grounds with minimal damage

How Do I Choose a Landscape Designer?

When hiring landscape design services, you should always look for experience and expertise. To do this, you should have an idea of the style and look that you want for your lawn. From there, you can narrow down your research and only look at landscape services that offer that style. 

Get the best deal by shopping around and asking for free quotes from multiple contractors. This will help you compare their offers and pricing before hiring the right one for you.

Before you sign the contract, check the contractor has proper licensing, insurance, and bonding. This will protect you and your money should accidents occur during the project.

If you care about the environment, opt for landscape contractors that observe green and responsible gardening practices. Ask about their soil preparation process, plant selection, water conservation, grasscycling, and use of chemicals.

Lastly, check the pricing of landscape design services. The landscape designer should meet your budget with decent inclusions on the contract.


Is it worth hiring a landscaper?

Residential landscape design experts have a level of knowledge that far surpasses the average gardener. If you want to have a garden that looks amazing, they will save you time and money — and they'll create the exact look you want. 

Professional landscapers also plan everything that goes into your garden. They don't just plant flowers; they create an ecosystem with the right plant selection, design, and irrigation.

Landscape experts will also work within a budget and a specific timeframe. This reduces the resource wastage as well as the mess of experimental gardening. Most of all, landscapers observe local codes and compliance in their line of work. 

For commercial and residential properties, landscape design services offer excellent project planning. It guarantees excellent results based on the contract and agreed design.

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