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Landscape Design

Landscape Design & Installation

Does your landscaping compliment your property? Would an immersive landscape, lush with color that opens your homes living space to include the outdoors be more you?

Find form and function unique to your lifestyle with Basnight Land and Lawn. Entertain or intimately dine with the all your senses engaged.

Residential Landscape Design Services

landscape design services

Landscape design services that will make your property shine

From landscaping your lawn to designing an entire pool deck, we will deliver a residential landscape design that matches your taste. Our goal is to provide you a small paradise within your yard where you can retreat, relax, and recharge.

We create a piece of art that you can experience in the comfort of your home. Aside from providing topnotch aesthetics, we ensure that every component of our design has a function that will make your property even better.

From classic elegance, historic feel, pool oasis, or naturalistic design, our landscape artists will always exceed your expectations.

Your satisfaction is our driving force. We will cater to your requests and ideas to achieve the look, feel, and function that you like.

Stellar landscaping that your neighbors will envy

It’s always our goal to create a masterpiece in every residential property that we work on. We will design every inch of the landscaping project based on your taste and preference.


Aside from giving you a landscape that looks stunning in the eyes, we will also observe local codes. This way, you can enjoy the new look of your yard without any worries.

Call Basnight Land & Lawn to get started!

Why settle for a dull yard if you can transform it into something your neighbors will envy? If you’re interested, all you have to do is call us or request an appointment. We will discuss the project with you and meet you halfway on your budget. 

For us, residential landscaping should both be elegant and pocket-friendly.

residential landscape design

Importance of Hiring Professional Landscape Design Services

professional landscape services

Analysis of the site


Before a landscape artist executes their plan, they have to analyze the site first. This is to prevent damage to the current vegetation and to maintain any beneficial plants or wildlife. Through first-hand analysis, the landscape artist will decide on the right materials and methods that should be employed for the project.

Better project management


For large commercial projects, professional landscape design services near me will ensure that the process will go smoothly. They can mitigate any issues that occur on location and come up with a strategic process to guarantee the quality of work.

Meeting your budget


It's important that the landscape design company can meet your budget. They can also advise about the materials and designs that fit the bill. This will help commercial property owners adjust their budget as necessary based on the result they want to achieve.

Generating better landscape ideas

Professional landscape companies have worked on various projects. This is also a testament to their creativity and resourcefulness. By hiring one, you’re also getting more ideas on how to improve the landscape of your property.

Saving your time

For some, professional landscape services are costly. Still, you can find one that suits your budget without skimping on quality. In the long run, you’re saving money and time by letting the pros do the landscaping job for you.

Well-rounded commercial landscape design services

Performing DIY landscaping on your commercial property may seem like a good idea until you see the results. Professional landscape artists offer a myriad of services that will save from the hassle. For instance, as well as designing your landscape, they can also maintain your lawn.

commercial landscape design services

Benefits of Landscape Design Service

well-groomed landscape

Better property appeal

How your lawn looks will have a big impact on other people's impressions of your property. Think of your landscaping as your first impression. Whether it's your home or your commercial space, a well-manicured lawn will make a huge difference. Professional landscape design services will turn your lackluster lawn into a beautiful and appealing space.

Save more time and money


Instead of keeping up your own lawn, you can hire landscape design services to save both time and money. Properly placed trees will also help reduce energy costs by as much as $300 per year. 

Healthier working or living space


A well-maintained lawn will prevent the proliferation of pests that may impose a threat to your health. Professional landscape design services use safe fertilizers and herbicides to prevent contamination.

Increase the value of your property


If you’re planning to sell your property, a well-groomed landscape will boost its price and appeal. A lawn with overgrown trees and unkempt bushes will drive potential buyers away. Help potential buyers envision themselves living in a home that's beautiful inside and out.

How does landscaping help the environment?

Planting more plants will help filter toxins in the environment while producing more oxygen. Well-maintained trees and shrubs are also natural coolants. In fact, properly landscaped lawns will be 31 degrees cooler than a lawn covered with asphalt. It’s also 20 degrees cooler than a yard covered with bare soil.

Lawns with well-placed plants also enjoy better noise reduction. It blocks noise for as much as 30% than having concrete surfaces alone.

Lastly, a landscaped lawn absorbs runoff water that may cause erosion or flooding within the property. This is only possible if the trees are planted properly all over the yard. Contact our landscaping professionals today!

landscaped lawn
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